DreamMakers List

NEVLO Project

This movement was and shall remain to be known as the Neo Evolutionary Logic Project (NEVLO Project). Inspired greatly by the arts of antiquity, the word neo derives from the Greek word neos, which means new; giving us yet another way to phrase something familiar as something different. It is from the very root of this movement's title that language, history, creation have a platform for which to teach us new ways of activating our artful-logic.

New Choice Productions

We perform teach and generally explore the fun of the spontaneous story making of improvisational performance. We say things off the top the of our heads that perhaps others think but wouldn't say publicly often topical in nature. We hope we have brought a real sense of fun and enjoyment to others. We feel humor and being to laugh at ourselves as human beings brings together both performers and the community of the audience.

Next Generation Eureka

We are a civic group dedicated to engaging young adults in improving Eureka and making it a more appealing place to live. Our primary value is retention of young people and creation of opportunity in our community.

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North Coast Open Studios (NCOS)

North Coast Open Studios is a cooperative artists’ showcase that brings together more than 100 local artists who open their studios and creative minds to thousands of local and regional visitors providing a free opportunity to meet artists see art created and view a wide range of artwork.

North Coast Storytellers

Our goal is to share the love of oral storytelling with our communities. The North Coast Storytellers are committed to working togeather to support promote and perpetuate the aret craft and values of story telling through education and performance. Located in Northern California North Coast storytellers are available throughout the year for school presentations and other events in the greater Humboldt and Del Norte counties.

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North Star Quest Camp (NSQC)

North Star Quest is a five day overnight Summer camp for adolescent girls. Our all female staff leads a variety of activities which all focus on our goal of encouraging self confidence personal problem solving and healthy decision making. Most of all it's a fun relaxing and empowering get away in the beautiful Mattole River valley.

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Original Voices

This online exhibit was created in 1999. Suggested classroom activities and points of discussion are dispersed throughout the exhibit to enhance the learning experiences of students on an eighth grade level and above. OV asserts that cross-cultural understanding and critical thinking are better developed through structured classroom interactions with other students as well as personal reflection.

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Pixie Studio, The

Mission: To help foster youth heal from trauma through arts and crafts while cultivating relationships with people in their community.

Vision: To create successful outcomes for youth exiting the foster care system through employment and housing stability and increased positive involvement with the community.

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Playful Magic

Playful Magic is a sprouting collaboration between local artists on a mission to serve the community by bridging diverse connections through art and collectively beautifying spaces. We hope to empower the community members by giving voice to creative expression in public spaces around Humboldt County and beyond.

Precious Plastic Humboldt

Our story how we became BYPA~BackYard Planetary Alliance

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Project Fall

Healthy living, empowered life.

Connecting people in poverty with the resources to build creative,
healthy, and empowered communities.

Our purpose is to help people living in poverty achieve access to the
resources needed to creatively build their own empowered communities.

Project Inspire

Project Inspire seeks to improve community health through art, culture, and community.

Death rates due to drug and alcohol abuse in Humboldt County are twice to three times higher than the national average. 

Prevention programs and new recovery groups have been asked for by the community and the County.  The Project covers both.

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