DreamMakers List

Humboldt Queer Dojo

Using Judo's principal of "Mutual benefit and welfare", Humboldt Queer Dojo aims to bring free and affordable Judo classes to Humboldt's Queer community.

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INK- Institute Of Native Knowledge

Native organization established during the late 1980's to transmit native knowledge to native peoples relying on the creative arts as the method. Our program allows the teaching of the native philosophy of northwest California's indigenous people to native peoples who seek that knowlege. We assist native scolars and artists to organize and to seek funding for their unique projects and implement them.

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Jete-Miro Productions

Jete-Miro Productions is an independent film company specializing in short and feature-length documentaries.

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The purpose of Lawnstock is to bring unique Humboldt County's musicians together to share beautiful music and at the same time inspire the community to share and care for a family in need. All Lawnstocks have supported families of children with serious medical conditions. These families are often in need of financial assistance to cover expenses that are not reimbursed by insurance or the state, including lost income, transportation and out of town housing.  The entire event is volunteer-based and all proceeds after costs go to the beneficiary.

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Music Arts Project

Music Arts Scene is a youth-focused musical theater troupe is associated with Eureka’s popular dance school, Dance Scene Studio. Led by Director Daphne Endert, Music Arts Scene strives to engage youth in the theater, provide performance opportunities, and develop passion for the stage.

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