DreamMakers List

English Express

In addition to the nuts and bolts of the English language, these projects connect participants to local services and offerings in Humboldt County. Local organizations and services that have made presentations to English Express students include: Paso a Paso, Healthy Kids Humboldt, Jefferson Community Center’s SEEDs program, Centro del Pueblo, CalFresh and the Farmer's Market Association, Redwood Coast Regional Center and Northcoast Children's Services. Students have even enjoyed a presentation by Redwood Curtain Theater.

Childcare is free. Enrollment is free.

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Equity Matters

Both in the singular and plural, equity matters will present a series of experiences that will address what a majority of experts consider the root cause of the vast social, economic, racial, and environmental inequities that plague a huge portion of America: hyperindividualism. We have been systematically separated from each other for the sake of the profit motive and manipulation. We have become data sets created as a commodity to be sold and traded to corporations.

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Eureka Woodworking Association

We created Eureka Woodworking Association to educate the public about wood arts, create a way to beautify and improve our community, and help local artisans create or improve their businesses. The Association will hold monthly workshop nights. We will tour and learn at professional workshops. Hold at least one Wood Fair/ Furniture Fest in Eureka once a year during Eureka Main Streets 4th of July.

Every Body Humboldt

Every Body Humboldt aims to create accessible safer spaces for participants to learn skills and tools for regulating stress, healing trauma, making healthy social connections and creating new patterns. Using a trauma informed lens, programming is offered in the creative and movement arts in the local jail, domestic violence shelters, schools and other public spaces at low or no cost to individuals.

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Fire Arts Center Education

The Fire Arts Center offers classes in ceramics (handbuilding and throwing) and fused glass memberships in both media as well as firing services for outside projects (subject to studio tech approval).
We have well equipped workspaces for both media and foster an educational and fun artistic environment!

Food for Thought

In 2009 Jennifer Bell, who had been the producer/radio host of several KHSU shows, and Jessica Eden who has both volunteered and worked at KHSU as an engineer and producer, proposed a new show for KHSU. A 10 minute radio show called Food for Thought which shared stories of local food production. Farmers, ranchers, fishermen, food processors, and more, were interviewed about their role providing food for the community. This weekly show has been airing ever since and over the years over 200 interviews have been conducted and produced.

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Forever Found

Forever Found Humboldt will be established as a Historical Cultural Center. In a chronological fashion, we plan to educate all our Visitors on the Culture and Economies that have helped shape our unique community. This will be a fun experience that will include an Art gallery, beer and wine bar, Virtual tours of points of interest, and historical information and archives. We have been blessed with a perfect location for this establishment known as the Lohiede Building. The Lohiede is a beautifully restored Victorian building in the heart of Eureka.


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Hip Hop For Hope

Starting with a act of kindness out of one persons heart to help one child a idea was sparked to create a foundation to bring Hip Hop artists together to help local children and families dealing with childhood cancer. Hip Hop For Hope Childrens Cancer Project rallies communities around music as a tool to help save the lives of children battling cancer in Humboldt County.

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Horai Center For The Study Of Pacific Culture

Understanding harmony and cultural exchange all in a bowl of tea. Our mission is to to increase understanding harmony and cultural exchange between the people of the United States of America and those of other Pacific cultures. Our initial focus is the study and promotion of Japanese arts and culture especially Cha no yu (the Tea Ceremony) and Chado (The Way of Tea). Horai’s mission is guided by the Four Principles of Tea: Wa (harmony) Kei (respect) Sei (purity) and Jaku (tranquillity).

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Humboldt Action Project


Our goal is to raise funds to meet the needs of local nonprofit organizations and underrepresented people that are sometimes overlooked by the public and are in need of assistance. We will do this using our experience in providing quality musical entertainment, auctions, writing grants, and organizing donations to help meet our goals in services to our community.

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Humboldt Creator Lab

Humboldt Creator Lab will be a maker’s space for local creators who want to use equipment, learn new skills, and grow businesses. Our customers will be artists, craftspeople, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists. Creator Lab will offer workspaces, tools, supplies, and support for your creative projects. In addition to being a creative space, the lab will be a place for creators to learn from each other and work in a supportive

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Humboldt Edge

The Humboldt Edge honors and invites the wisdom knowledge and creative expression of people living on the street experiencing homelessness and/or living on the edge economically. By empowering and educating both contributors and readers the production and distribution of this monthly paper serves to counter the marginalization stigmatization and silencing of people in poverty. Diverse perspectives and lives that are systematically pushed to the “Edge” are brought to the center as a means of stimulating survival dignity dialogue understanding justice and action.

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Humboldt Healing Path

Providing community members with affordable access to healing arts education, services, and events.

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