DreamMakers List

Circus Of The Elements

Circus of the Elements are a multi-talented and multi-dimensional elemental live performance dance troupe. Our goal is to dazzle with our fiery outdoor displays of fire dance and fire art sculptures by bringing fresh choreography to the stage both indoors and out. We bring fire to the aerial as well as to isis wings belly dance hoop dance acro samba styles and more! You can find us every 1st Friday from May to October in Trinidad for Trinidad Art Nights as well as performing at a variety of events and venues. We also produce many of our own events and even do private parties!

Collective 74

Our concept is to create a nonprofit potentially associated with a property in Fieldbrook. Our thought is by doing this we can gather the community to create a variety of projects. Some of our ideas for these projects have been to create community gardens, permanent art structures, aquaponics and earthships on the site along with teaching the community while creating these projects. We would love to be able to create events to fund raise like bbq contest and chili cook offs. We envision bringing artist, visionaries and musicians to hold workshops for the community.

Community Arts Trinidad

The Community Arts Foundation was conceived as a solution to the problem of how to best receive donations for the purpose of funding Trinidad Art Nights. It was named "Community Arts Foundation" as opposed to "Trinidad Arts Foundation" for the purpose of including other community arts events in the future if so destined.

CommUnity Pride & Peace

Mission Statement - Take Pride in Your CommUnity. Our goal is to bring our community, both locally and globally, together in all manifestations. We intend to be the positive change we wish to see in the world through creating unity and respect. Peacefully, with compassion and forward thinking, we will navigate and create a more care-able way to live.

Dance & Drum Humboldt

DDH provides the organization for several educational and performance groups. As the organizing body for Samba da Alegria, the community samba dance and drum troupe, DDH will continue to provide a thrilling parade for the annual North Country Fair. As the creative directors for sambAmore, a private performance group, we will continue to fuse dance and drumming styles to inspire audiences and promote this art form.

Danza Xalxiutlicue/ Kapuli Xalxihutlikue

Danza Xalxiutlicue is an Aztec dance group in Arcata established in 2007. Our goal is to learn and practice the traditional Aztec dances which originated in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica were passed through generations in Mexico and eventually reached California in the 1970's where they were popularized as a cultural affirmation among Chicano and Mexican-Americans living in the United States. These traditional dances incorporate indigenous culture philosophy spirituality and community regeneration through the transmission of ceremonial dances.

Devin's Version

Mission Statement:

From the vision of Beth V. Stone Speech Pathologist with the PALS program and inspired by her work with one boy and his family – A ballet to bring the full emotional impact of living as an autistic child and living with autistic children through the telling of one boy’s story- his ‘version’ to the community at large. The ballet used as an educational vehicle from which to develop tools and programs for educators and parents.

DIY Resource Center

Do it yourself community resource center tool lending library.

Duke Of Ook

The Duke of Ook is (currently) a Broadway style musical in progress, a fantasy/allegory in which all the characters are primates (Chimpanzees, Orangutans, Monkeys, Gorillas, etc.,) representing the different races and cultures of human kind.

The story begins at Castle Ook with the arrival of an Imperial Ambassador, who is secretly part of a plot to assassinate the Duke of Ook and his eldest son Oboko. The Duke is indeed killed, but Oboko escapes with the help of a castle servant, Amani, who takes him to refuge among her extended family.

English Express

In addition to the nuts and bolts of the English language, these projects connect participants to local services and offerings in Humboldt County. Local organizations and services that have made presentations to English Express students include: Paso a Paso, Healthy Kids Humboldt, Jefferson Community Center’s SEEDs program, Centro del Pueblo, CalFresh and the Farmer's Market Association, Redwood Coast Regional Center and Northcoast Children's Services. Students have even enjoyed a presentation by Redwood Curtain Theater.

Childcare is free. Enrollment is free.

Equity Matters

Both in the singular and plural, equity matters will present a series of experiences that will address what a majority of experts consider the root cause of the vast social, economic, racial, and environmental inequities that plague a huge portion of America: hyperindividualism. We have been systematically separated from each other for the sake of the profit motive and manipulation. We have become data sets created as a commodity to be sold and traded to corporations.

Every Body Humboldt

Every Body Humboldt aims to create accessible safer spaces for participants to learn skills and tools for regulating stress, healing trauma, making healthy social connections and creating new patterns. Using a trauma informed lens, programming is offered in the creative and movement arts in the local jail, domestic violence shelters, schools and other public spaces at low or no cost to individuals.