Food for Thought

In 2009 Jennifer Bell, who had been the producer/radio host of several KHSU shows, and Jessica Eden who has both volunteered and worked at KHSU as an engineer and producer, proposed a new show for KHSU. A 10 minute radio show called Food for Thought which shared stories of local food production. Farmers, ranchers, fishermen, food processors, and more, were interviewed about their role providing food for the community. This weekly show has been airing ever since and over the years over 200 interviews have been conducted and produced.

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Sean's Shadows

Sean Powers has been working in Humboldt County as a story-teller illustrator and musician for twenty years. Nine years ago he discovered shadow puppetry as a medium to combine his talents. Since then he has performed at over 60 different schools libraries and theatres throughout northern California. He has created ten different shadow plays based on stories from around the world. In addition to performing Sean teaches workshops about instruments from around the world and instructs children on how to create their own shadow puppet plays.

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Jete-Miro Productions

Jete-Miro Productions is an independent film company specializing in short and feature-length documentaries.

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