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Conversations About Power

Figurative painters Julia White and Bianca Lago are collaborating on a traveling art show for a cause. “Conversations About Power” aims to give a voice to survivors of sexual abuse, to discuss consent, boundaries, healthy relationships and mental illness.

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555 Contemporary Dance Company

555 Contemporary Dance Company is a DreamMaker project of The Ink People. Established in 2015, 555 strives to pull the audience into another world during a performance. Sometimes quirky (I.e., "Raynbo Konnekshun", "Drunk Hobos"), sometimes tragically emotional (I.e., "Reue", "Hope", "Persist") and sometimes a little scary (I.e. "Shadows", "Shadows Part II: The Possession"). 555 is a troupe that believes dance is not just entertainment, but an endeavor to relate to the audience as a kindred spirit using the purest of art forms in which the artist becomes the art itself.

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Theater of the Dedicated

Vision: People are transformed to seek open, peaceful and compassionate lives through powerful works of theatre which undertake the essential themes of existence.

Mission: Through workshops and readings for youth and young adults, and creative event opportunities for under-expressed members of society, make powerful transformative theatre.

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Resonance Rising

The goal of this project is to provide instruction to at risk youth in the subject of music, while conforming to the project responsibilities as outlined in the DreamMaker project of The Ink People. This instruction will include, but not be limited to, group presentations, individual instruction, technical analysis and performance appreciation. It is targeted at the population of at risk youth at the Humboldt County Juvenile Hall and Regional Facility.

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Music Arts Project

Music Arts Scene is a youth-focused musical theater troupe is associated with Eureka’s popular dance school, Dance Scene Studio. Led by Director Daphne Endert, Music Arts Scene strives to engage youth in the theater, provide performance opportunities, and develop passion for the stage.

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All Star Theatre Arts

All Star Theatre Arts (ATA) is a branch of current DreamMaker, Music Arts Youth Company. Our All Star group is a special musical theatre performance troupe geared towards Humboldt County youth ages 9-Teen.

The mission of this group is to expand performance opportunities for advanced youth performers in Humboldt and beyond! You will see them perform at various local events, such as the Botanical Gardens, school tours, Arts Alive, and many other events in between.

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Physical theater comedy.

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Synapsis is a collective of folks dedicated to experimentation in art, performance, and the body. Aerial dance, dance training, performance experiments.

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Sundance Ballet Company

The Sundance Ballet Company is the performance dance company of The Dance Scene Studios as of Oct. 2012. Already receiving critical praise for recent choreographic ingenuity and performance quality the company strives to produce innovative productions compensate principle dancers collaborate with other artists tour and give back to the local community as much as possible.

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