Humboldt Homebrewers

Vision/mission: Relax, don't worry, have a homebrew. This is the mantra that we homebrewers try to live by and employ in everything we do. The Humboldt Homebrewers are committed to craft brewing education, having a good time in a community and family oriented way and always promoting responsible consumption. We believe homebrew is an art and bridge to others in the community. Beer is a common denominator for people all over the world. It brings us together. It transcends politics, religion, race, social status, creed or gender.

Centro del Pueblo

Centro del Pueblo is an idea, and a dream, conceived of for many years by members of the local Latino community as a way to house Latino/Indigena art, culture and services focused around our region’s Latino/Indigena community.

INK- Institute Of Native Knowledge

Native organization established during the late 1980's to transmit native knowledge to native peoples relying on the creative arts as the method. Our program allows the teaching of the native philosophy of northwest California's indigenous people to native peoples who seek that knowlege. We assist native scolars and artists to organize and to seek funding for their unique projects and implement them.

Original Voices

This online exhibit was created in 1999. Suggested classroom activities and points of discussion are dispersed throughout the exhibit to enhance the learning experiences of students on an eighth grade level and above. OV asserts that cross-cultural understanding and critical thinking are better developed through structured classroom interactions with other students as well as personal reflection.

Horai Ctr For Study Of Pacific Culture

Understanding harmony and cultural exchange all in a bowl of tea. Our mission is to to increase understanding harmony and cultural exchange between the people of the United States of America and those of other Pacific cultures. Our initial focus is the study and promotion of Japanese arts and culture especially Cha no yu (the Tea Ceremony) and Chado (The Way of Tea). Horai’s mission is guided by the Four Principles of Tea: Wa (harmony) Kei (respect) Sei (purity) and Jaku (tranquillity).

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