Community Building

Arcane, Inc.

Metal festival in the mountains.

All Are Welcome Community

All Are Welcome is a facilitated artists’ space by and for artists. All people are welcome with the agreement of mutual respect. There is no cost to participants for use of the space. All Are Welcome Arts recognizes the creativity and bright potential of all lives. The space is accessible for people from a variety of economic backgrounds. It is designed to be particularly welcoming to those citizens who do not have homes and to artists who have been marginalized within mainstream society.

A.S.K.M.E. (Art & Science for Kids into Media & Education)

The mission of this program is to empower youth and teens by providing them with lessons in art and science to help them better understand their world.

A.S.K.M.E. currently has four programs:

The Young MediaMakers
Teaches how to produce, edit and distribute digital video.

Universal Pictorial Language

Most invented languages are written by one person with a specific intention or ideology. But you and I will forgo that to create The Universal Pictorial Language or UPL. An image-based language written from scratch. I have begun hosting tabling events where I sit down with as many people as fathomable and draw as many hieroglyphics as possible. Our collaboration will coalesce into a language understood across the region the nation and potentially the world.


Trajectory is a career development program that will support visual performing and literary artists with developmental disabilities. As well as a supporting artists and the community and at a studio space to create work the program will eventually include a gallery space that will be run as an artists' cooperative.

DIY Resource Center

Do it yourself community resource center tool lending library.

Humboldt Action Project


Our goal is to raise funds to meet the needs of local nonprofit organizations and underrepresented people that are sometimes overlooked by the public and are in need of assistance. We will do this using our experience in providing quality musical entertainment, auctions, writing grants, and organizing donations to help meet our goals in services to our community.

Collective 74

Our concept is to create a nonprofit potentially associated with a property in Fieldbrook. Our thought is by doing this we can gather the community to create a variety of projects. Some of our ideas for these projects have been to create community gardens, permanent art structures, aquaponics and earthships on the site along with teaching the community while creating these projects. We would love to be able to create events to fund raise like bbq contest and chili cook offs. We envision bringing artist, visionaries and musicians to hold workshops for the community.


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