Overhaul at the Tuxford Gallery

The Brenda Tuxford Gallery presents Overhaul, a group art exhibition featuring Kody Barnes, Emmaly Crimmel, Dorian Daneau, Trent Franks, Kit Lamb, Kelsey Owens, Jenna Santangelo, and Andrew Soto.

These artists represent a fresh perspective in our community, working with themes and concepts that are not typically represented in Humboldt County. Each artist works with different materials and in a style that is distinctly their own, pushing the limits of their respective medium. Sculpture, painting, illustration, jewelry and printmaking will be represented, covering a wide variety of themes and concepts from local emerging artists.

Dorian Daneau's sculptural works often dissect and reassemble familiar childhood items such as teddy-bears. Daneau gives these objects a literal new face by adhering mold-made masks. Kit Lamb limits himself with found and second-hand supplies in his heavily layered paintings. Usually painting on found wood panels, Lamb uses the worn marks on the discarded wood to influence the image that slowly teases its way out of his process. In his new work, Trent Franks draws and paints on abrasively carved wood panels to create psychedelic scenes that are equal parts peaceful and nightmarish.

During the opening, Arcata's jazz group The Fatherlies will be providing musical accompaniment in the gallery at 7pm. The Fatherlies take a progressive approach to jazz music, exploring both its most comforting and its most unsettling elements. The opening will be loud and packed to the brim with exciting new work. For a more contemplative opportunity to appreciate this show, you can visit during regular gallery hours: Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Saturdays from noon to 6:00 p.m. until April 28th.

Pictured: "Phantasm" by Jenna Santangelo