Open Heart 9: On Love & Forgiveness at the Tuxford Gallery

As the days get longer, and people start to look forward to spring, some minds may wander to thoughts of love, and the official holiday for romance: Valentine's Day.  At the Ink People's Tuxford Gallery, show curator Dana Ballard would like to talk about all the other, non-romantic kinds of Love that hold our families, communities, and lives together.  Open Heart 9: On Love & Forgiveness is back for 2018 at the Ink People's new-ish location, 525 7th Street, Eureka.  

Ink People member artists, and guests from the community will present artwork in a wide variety of media including visual and performing arts.  Last year’s show was beautiful in its hopeful spirit. Artists explored feelings about lost loved ones, hopelessness, hopefulness, trust and

betrayal. They talked about healing, prayer and universal love. Local performer, Mango, had everyone laughing and dancing together during her high energy performance, a game called "The Love and Kindness Game."  Dana asked participants to get involved in the democratic process, addressing postcards to representatives in Washington. "It just felt like we were trying to be there for each other in the midst of a very uncertain future, if only for the moment."  Ballard says.

The show opens at Arts Alive February 3rd from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. with a celebration of connection and community, then continues through the last Saturday of the month during the Tuxford Gallery's regular hours.