“If you have only two coins, spend one on bread, and the other on hyacinths for your soul.” 

-Traditional Arab Proverb


Are you a starving artist (or art lover)? If so, the Ink People understands your situation all too well, and of course we are happy to serve you.  But...If you have some DIS-CRE-TION-ARY funds, please help support your exciting North Coast arts community.

Be an Inker!

The Ink People do so much for the Humboldt art scene!  We sponsor and mentor local art groups; provide meeting and computer facilities; support outreach to people of all ages who lack access to the arts; keep everyone up to date with our website and newsletter …  And so much more!

Every coin you donate will be used to nurture our local arts community. Contributions in any amount are tax-deductible.

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